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Cooper Surgical Webinar 2: Tubing of cell samples for PGT
Martedì 07 Aprile 2020, 11:00am
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Cooper Surgical is pleased to invite you to the first set of webinars and Meet the Experts session:

Monday 6 April - Webinar 1: Trophectoderm Biopysy for PGT 
Offering an introduction to the theory, and in-depth technical instruction on the practice of trophectoderm biopsy cell preparation

Tuesday 7 April - Webinar 2: Tubing of cell samples for PGT
Providing in-depth technical instruction on cell preparation and tubing

Wednesday 8 April - Meet the Experts for tips, tricks and guidance for successful biopsy and tubing
In the coming days, we will share with you further information including timings and registration methods for each of these sessions.

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